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Practice Areas
Civil Litigation and Arbitration

The world has changed, so have the conflicts.

Our team leverages its vast experience in representing national and foreign companies to assist our clients in the prevention and resolution of administrative, judicial or arbitral disputes.


We benefit from technological advancements to be more effective, but we never lose sight of the keen eye of the most prepared attorneys, ensuring that each case is handled with its specificities in mind.


We have extensive experience in national and international arbitrations related to business law, both institutional and "ad hoc", as well as in initiating judicial measures capable of ensuring the effectiveness of the arbitral procedure, whether to enforce the arbitration clause or the arbitral award itself.

Intellectual Property

There is no evolution without innovation.

And it is through the protection of innovation and entrepreneurship that we have been working for so many years, offering specialized consultancy and legal advice, administrative and judicial litigation in the areas of trademarks, invention patents, utility models, industrial designs, copyrights, software protection, licensing, franchises, technology transfer, protection of business names, domain names and websites, unfair competition, comparative advertising, industrial, commercial, and business secrets, and related matters, including conducting audits or due diligence in the field of ​​industrial and intellectual property.


Our clients have the ideas, we take care of the rest.

Compliance Programs and ESG

Compliance, for us, is much more than the adherence to laws and regulations; it is about guiding all actions taken, day after day, based on ethics and respect for people. It is the persistent pursuit of an ethical, professional, and competent business environment.

With ethics as one of the most important pillars in our lives, both professionally and personally, we assist our clients in creating and enhancing compliance programs and implementing a culture of doing business with integrity. This includes comprehensive governance, alignment with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda, risk mapping, development of codes of ethics, policies, procedures, establishment of controls for risk monitoring, investigation of fraud and corporate misconduct, corruption and money laundering prevention, protection of human rights, reduction of environmental impact, and providing complete consultancy to achieve all objectives of an effective compliance program that meets regulatory authorities' requirements in the pillars of "Prevention, Detection, Response, and Remediation."

If your company does not yet have a best-in-class compliance program, you are missing out on talented employees and business opportunities. And if your company already has a compliance program, are you aware of its current level of maturity, its weaknesses, and how to address them? Don't wait for the risk to materialize to find out. You can also rely on us to assess the maturity and enhance your compliance program.

Third Party Compliance

The current business environment has rapidly deepened the interaction between different companies in pursuit of common goals, and this evolution brings with it the increasing regulation of relationships between companies regarding liability for misconduct. Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to be a company that does business with ethics, integrity, and respect for laws; it is necessary to ensure that all stakeholders follow the same principles and values. A thoughtless action by a supplier, representative, business partner, or even preferred customers can drag the company into a nightmare of investigations and criminal accusations.  

We assist our clients in implementing a comprehensive third-party compliance program, mapping and mitigating risks, structuring internal procedures and documents, conducting due diligence with the support of artificial intelligence, and taking all necessary actions to protect the company, including crisis response strategies at all levels.

Contract Law

We assist our clients in the drafting, reviewing, and negotiation of contracts involving any subject matter and with any level of complexity. Our aim is to identify, highlight, and mitigate potential risks, enabling a proper assessment of the legal implications of the deal to be closed. By doing so, we help our clientes to avoid future unpleasant surprises and unnecessary legal disputes.

Real Estate Law

Legal issues involving real estate are always challenging, difficult to solve, costly, and time-consuming. This is primarily due to a lack of technical knowledge in this area of law in the market, and the true extent of the problem is often only understood once the situation has already become a legal issue. The absence of a clause in a contract or a preliminary verification with a public authority can jeopardize everything due to a lack of specialized guidance.


Given that legal relationships with real estate assets tend to exist for many decades, having proper legal support from planning to the final stage of a project is crucial to avoid future problems.


We provide our clients with technical and objective guidance, offering quick and differentiated solutions in Real Estate Law. Our advice is based on the law and the most recent judicial decisions, ensuring secure business transactions and effective and satisfactory problem-solving. If necessary, we are also prepared to pursue the best possible results through legal proceedings. Count on us to assist you in real estate development, condominium establishment, property regularization, risk analysis, drafting contracts involving real estate rights - including built-to-suit contracts - and assets expropriations.

Data Protection and Privacy

“Data is the new oil” and, with that, the importance of protecting information is growing more and more, accompanied by the growing creation of foreign and national legislation on the subject. Business data is vital for the continuity and success of the company, and the personal data with which the company deals in its routine is increasingly regulated by strict rules. And such spheres of information can be a source of enormous problems if they are not properly treated.

We assist our clients in identifying risks and adapting their businesses to the applicable laws in force, in addition to providing advice with regard to the protection of confidential information and internal business data and treatment and protection of personal information present in the company's routine (LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, CDPA etc.).

Consumer Law

It is undeniable that Brazil has robust consumer protection legislation. It is also undeniable that the level of consumer litigation in Brazil is one of the highest in the world. The perception that "consumers are protected by the law" is well-established in popular culture. This creates a vulnerability to constant legal demands, many of which have the potential to seriously impact a company's reputation in the market.


There are several cases of products and even companies ceasing to exist due to poor management of consumer complaints. With the popularization of social media, the detrimental effects of such issues have been amplified exponentially due to the multiplying power of the population's current level of digital access.

We are well-equipped to provide corrective and preventive action in consumer-related matters, including representation before consumer protection regulatory agencies, handling administrative and judicial defenses, minimizing impacts, correcting procedures, and preventing the stimulation of new demands.

Tax Law, Corporate Law and Succession Planing

In the tax field, the major challenge for companies established in Brazil is to understand and implement the legislation, as well as to establish routines to ensure tax compliance, avoiding unnecessary fines and litigation. Within the specificity of each sector of economic activity, it is crucial to develop legal solutions for tax burden reduction, and to confront inspections through judicial and administrative proceedings, if necessary.

Taxes also play a significant role when it comes to successions. It is essential to engage in prior succession planning to study available tax alternatives that best suit the assets to be transferred.

Frequently, estate planning involves the structuring of asset-holding companies and other types of businesses, which is why we are also capable of assisting in the formation of corporate acts in general.

We are able to guide and support our clients through the complexity of taxation in Brazil, minimizing financial impacts and enhancing their competitive capabilities in the market.

Family Law

Family Law is an extremely delicate field that involves a significant amount of emotions and sentiments. It requires sensitivity and experience to resolve contentious situations within a family without resulting in a scenario worse than the initial one.


Our professionals are highly qualified to handle high-complexity situations involving inheritances, last wills, divorces, parental rights and responsibilities, adoption, child custody, alimony, and guardianship of individuals, while preserving the tranquility and peace in the relationships among those involved to the greatest extent possible.

Labor/Employment Law

There were those who predicted the end of Labor Law in Brazil after the reforms introduced by Law nº. 13.467/17 during the President Temer administration. However, this will not happen as long as the Federal Constitution of 1988 and its broad protection of workers' rights exist. It is true that the number of judicial claims has significantly decreesed after the reforms. However, these claims have grown tremendously in complexity and the amounts involved. Employment-related issues continue to be a significant cause of impact on the financial results of companies.


We have the necessary expertise to handle labor matters with any degree of complexity, from both the defendant and plaintiff perspectives. We strive to maximize results and minimize negative financial and reputation impacts.

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